Kapal Goyang Kapten Watch Online HD Copy

Kapal Goyang Kapten is a popular comdey indo film. Three amateur hijackers hijacked a tourist ship that is sailing in the Maluku Sea which contains several local tourists and Gomgom, the captain. They are Daniel who wants to prove to his parents that even the child of a rich people can work, Cakka who needs money for her sick mother, and Bertus, unemployed.

Kapal Goyang Kapten indo film

Because of their stupidity they sink the ship and stranded on an empty island. Resistance from the hostages is driven by Tiara and from other passengers: the Burhan family consisting of Father, Mother and their child, husband and wife on their honeymoon, Darto and Salma, as well as three students, Noni, Cika and Agung.

Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Release Date: 5 September 2019 (Indonesia)
Director: Raymond Handaya
Writers: Muhadkly Acho (script writer), Andi Awwe Wijaya (script writer)
Stars: Yuki Kato, Ge Pamungkas, Babe Cabita

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