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Lampor Keranda Terbang downloadLampor: Keranda Terbang merupakan film Indonesia tahun 2019 yang disutradarai Guntur Soeharjanto dan diproduseri Chand Parwez Servia.. Edwin and Netta with their two children, Adam and Sekar going to Netta’s hometown at Temanggung. Netta were suspected as the cause of Lampor terror at her hometown, a demon who bring a flying casket.
Film Name: Lampor Keranda Terbang
Initial release: October 31, 2019 (Indonesia)
Director: Guntur Soeharjanto

Lampor Keranda Terbang Full Movie

The arrival of Netta and her husband, Edwin, along with their children Agam and Sekar, at her hometown in Temanggung, Jawa Tengah is not received well by the villagers. They accuse her of bringing along Lampor, a demon that flies around with a casket. It is believed that anyone who leaves their home after dusk will be taken by Lampor. It becomes worse when the couple’s children are targeted by it but as Edwin struggles to defend Netta, he begins to suspect that she is hiding a secret from him.

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Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: Na
Classification: NA
General Release Date: 14 Nov 2019
Genre: Horror
Running Time: Not Available
Distributor: GSC Movies
Cast: Adinia Wirasti, Dion Wiyoko, Nova Eliza

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