Sigai Hindi Dubbed

Sigai Hindi Dubbed

The movie opens with a pimp named Prasath (Raj Barath) handling all the prostitutes together with his partner Chetta (Rajesh Sarma). Prasath shows special care for a prostitute named Buvana (Riythvika) and treats her well than the others.

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One night, a customer named Santhosh (Mal Maruga) calls Prasath and asks him a girl. Prasath asks Chetta, who suggests Nirmala alias Nimmi (Meera Nair) to be sent, who lives as a prostitute without the knowledge of her family, which consists of her mother and siblings, who are scared of her.

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She is taken to Santhosh by the help of Subramani (Mayilsamy), a cab driver. She is dropped at Santhosh’s place by Subramani. A pimp in Chennai searches for one of his sex workers who has gone missing.

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The movie story opens with introduction of Prasath (Raj Bharath), who is a pimp and his friends and Buvana (Riythvika), Chetta (Rajesh Sarma), Nirmala (Meera Nair), Taxi Driver Subramani (Mayilsamy). Prasath send Nirmala for his client Santosh, next day Nirmala goes missing, later she found dead in the Santosh’s place and Santosh too…

Director: Jagadeesan Subu
Writer: Jagadeesan Subu
Stars: Kathir, Meera Nair, Raj Bharath

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