The Fatal Raid Watch Online English Subtitle

The Fatal Raid is a action Cantonese Movie. An ultraviolent cops vs. gangsters bloodbath leaves casualties on both sides. Fast-forward 20 years as surviving team member Madam Fong (Jade Leung, Black Cat) leads a new squad in pursuit of reckless young anarchists terrorizing Macao. An apparition from that fatal day falls into the fray, bringing everything full circle for a serpentine and explosive final confrontation. With bad-ass modern women warriors at the forefront, director Jacky Lee effortlessly exudes the hyperbolic stylings of classic Hong Kong action, bringing back the irrepressible “girls with guns” subgenre with full bombastic force.
Director: Jacky Lee
Writers: Men Wa Choi, Jacky Lee
Stars: Jeana Ho, Min Chen Lin, Kristy Yeung

Tonton The Fatal Raid Full Movie

This sequel to 2016’s “Special Female Force” follows Madam Fong, who, along with Inspector Tam Ka Ming, is still traumatised by a deadly incident that happened 20 years ago. While the two of them, Hei, Shirley and a group of commandos were in a secret operation chasing gangsters across the border of Hong Kong, a firefight erupted and killed Shirley and several commandos. Now, the duo is working together again to escort the Hong Kong Police Force’s female deputy commissioner to Macao. Four new-generation Special Female Force members, Alma, Zhi Han, Sheila and Tong Yu, join them but the operation is interrupted by a group of gangsters. At the same time, they discover that Hei is still alive.

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: English / Malay / Chinese
Classification: NA
General Release Date: 26 Sep 2019
Genre: Action / Crime
Running Time: Not Available
Distributor: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd
Cast: Patrick Tam, Min Chen Lin, Jeana Ho, Michael Tong
Director: Jacky Lee

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